Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 16 | Submission: 15688 | Sponsor(s): (SIM)
Virtual session type: Synchronous Live Open
Scheduled: Friday, Jul 30 2021 7:00AM - 2:00PM ET (UTC-4)
Social Issues in Management Division: Doctoral Student Consortium
SIM Doctoral Student Consortium

Organizer: Jared Peifer, City U. of New York, Baruch College
Organizer: Elise Perrault, College of Charleston
Panelist: Bradley R. Agle, Brigham Young U.
Panelist: Miguel Angel Alzola, Fordham U.
Panelist: Shawn Berman, U. of New Mexico
Panelist: Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt U.
Panelist: Jill Ann Brown, Bentley U. - College of Business - Management Department
Panelist: Jonathan Nicholas Bundy, Arizona State U.
Panelist: Frank G.A. De Bakker, IESEG School of Management
Panelist: Robert Edward Freeman, U. of Virginia
Panelist: Naomi A. Gardberg, City U. of New York, Baruch College
Panelist: Michelle Greenwood, Monash U.
Panelist: Irene Henriques, York U.
Panelist: Michael E. Johnson-Cramer, Bucknell U.
Panelist: Jegoo Lee, U. of Rhode Island
Panelist: Ronei Da Silva Leonel, U. of Memphis
Panelist: Greg S. Molecke, U. of Exeter
Panelist: Mette Morsing, professor
Panelist: Judith Schrempf-Stirling, GSEM - U. of Geneva
Panelist: Pushpika Vishwanathan, U. of Amsterdam
Panelist: Johanne Grosvold, U. of Bath
Panelist: David Wasieleski, Duquesne U.
Panelist: James F Weber, Duquesne U.
Panelist: Michelle Karen Westermann-Behaylo, U. of Amsterdam
Panelist: Andrew C Wicks, U. of Virginia Darden School of Business
Presenter: Cristina Neesham, Newcastle U.
Presenter: Colin Patrick Higgins, Deakin U.
Participant: Rachel McCullagh Balven, Arizona State U.
Participant: Deborah M. Mullen, U. of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Participant: Benson Honig, McMaster U.
This PDW seeks to inspire and to inform doctoral students about how they can succeed in their scholarship, teaching, service, and lives as academics, especially in the SIM division.
This session is Invite Only. Invitations are based on applications received by June 15 in response to an open call for applications announced in SIM related listservs beginning in April. If you received an email that you were selected to participate in this PDW and you indicated your intent to participate in response to that email, then you are automatically registered for this event. To verify your successful registration, you will see this event in “My Programs” at AOM by mid-July. If you have questions, please email Jared Peifer ( or Elise Perrault (
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