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Scheduled: Thursday, Jul 29 2021 11:00AM - 1:00PM ET (UTC-4)
Meet The Editors

Facilitator: Amy Hillman, Arizona State U.
Organizer: Susan Zaid, Academy of Management
Organizer: Michael Malgrande, Academy of Management
Organizer: Stacey Victor, -
Organizer: Irina Burns, Academy of Management
Organizer: Michael E. Bratsis, -
Organizer: John Pescatore, Academy of Management
Organizer: Gideon D. Markman, Colorado State U.
Organizer: Stuart Bunderson, Wash U.
Organizer: Carrie R. Leana, U. of Pittsburgh
Organizer: Sherry M. B. Thatcher, U. of South Carolina
Organizer: Kevin W. Rockmann, George Mason U.
Organizer: Paul Hibbert, U. of St Andrews
Organizer: Benjamin Martell Galvin, Brigham Young U.
Organizer: Elizabeth L. Rose, U. of Leeds
Organizer: Geoffrey Wood, Warwick Business School
Organizer: Laszlo Tihanyi, Rice U.
Organizer: Joseph Colella, -
Meet the Editors of Annals, AMD, AMJ, AMLE, AMP, AMR, and Collections, and the team of Associate Editors to learn their vision for the journal and tips on how to write a successful paper. All are welcome!
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