Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 13 | Submission: 17732 | Sponsor(s): (HCM, SIM, HR, OB)
Session Format: Virtual-only: Zoom “meeting” style
Scheduled: Friday, Aug 5 2022 7:00AM - 8:30AM PT (UTC-7)
Meaningful Work in Healthcare: A Tale of a Stressful Environment
Meaningful Work in Healthcare
PracticeTheme: Creating a Better World TogetherResearch

Organizer: Hale Kaynak, U. of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Participant: Hale Kaynak, U. of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Participant: Jorge A. Gonzalez, U. of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Participant: José Pagán, New York U.
Participant: Sarah Kimakwa, California State U., Chico
Participant: Vincent O. Ogutu, Strathmore U.
This professional development workshop is intended to investigate the role of meaningful work in managing health care with the ultimate objective of improving patient care and hospital quality performance. To design it, we drew from the literature in health care, operations management, innovation and technology, human resource management and organizational behavior and theoretical underpinnings such as leadership, quality management, information processing. One primary driver for this PDW is that burnout among healthcare workers has increased with the recent COVID crisis, which has had major detrimental implications for healthcare management. Our PDW seeks to explore ways to respond. More specifically, we attempt to identify antecedents of meaningful work in healthcare as input, meaningful work as process, improved employee well-being as output and patient care and hospital quality performance as outcomes. For example, healthcare organizations can create an environment in which healthcare staff feel their jobs are meaningful to reduce occupational stress. Each member of our team will discuss the research variables related to his/her fields. The presentation portion of our workshop before the breakout sessions will end with a talk about healthcare delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic at NYC Health + Hospitals.
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