AOM2020 The Call for Digital Volunteers is Closed

The Digital Session Chair facilitates engagement in the session they are assigned to by connecting session participants, moderating the session, and fostering discussion including in the online chat. (Technology issues will be managed by a live technician.)

Manage Introductions
- Announce the session title.
- Introduce yourself and the session participants.
Guide Content
- Articulate interesting ideas; bring new issues forward for discussion and debate.
- Prepare constructive feedback as a complement to the participants or discussant; help to stimulate discussion.
- Focus on making connections rather than offering critiques.
- Be flexible, supportive, and responsive in your facilitation to stimulate valuable and creative interaction among the session participants.
Keep Time
- For live sessions, keep time remembering that the audience wants you to ensure that everyone has equal time to present and discuss their work.
- Begin closing the session 2-3 minutes before the official end time.
- Close the session.
Moderate Discussion
- Prepare comments or questions of your own to get the conversation started; encourage questions.
- Manage the hand raising and chat features to facilitate audience participation in the session.

The call for digital volunteers is closed.
Thank you for your interest.