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Session Type: PDW Workshop
Program Session: 263 | Submission: 16560 | Sponsor(s): (TIM, ENT)
Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 6 2016 8:00AM - 10:00AM at Anaheim Marriott in Northeast Marquis Ballroom
Platforms and Ecosystems: New Perspectives for the Scope of the Firm in the Age of Open Innovation
Platforms and Ecosystems
PracticeTheme: Making Organizations MeaningfulResearch

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Organizer: Carmelo Cennamo, Bocconi U.
Organizer: Annabelle Gawer, U. of Surrey
Panelist: Carliss Baldwin, Harvard U.
Panelist: Tobias Kretschmer, LMU Munich
Panelist: Satish Nambisan, U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Panelist: Anne Parmigiani, U. of Oregon
The rapid ascent of platform technologies connecting consumers and producers of platform complementary goods and services is affecting in fundamental ways how organizations innovate and compete, dismantling the contours of sectors and industries as we knew them. While the phenomenal success of firms such as Google, Apple or Amazon highlights the potential benefits associated with these new models, new collaborative and competitive challenges as well as enhanced organizational complexity arise within ecosystems. Some of the fundamental questions in business such as what to make inside the firm versus what to procure outside, which activities to focus on to unleash value from innovation, how to cooperate with potential competitors, and how to coordinate on co- specialized investments take on a new relevance and require to be revisited in the increasingly pervasive context of technology platform-based ecosystems. The panel will debate on these issues by engaging leading scholars from different academic perspectives and the audience in a live interaction.
Search Terms: platforms | ecosystems | scope of the firm
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